Paradise - handblended raw incense


Paradise -sweet scented raw incense blend of frankincense resin and lavender.

Smells like paradise! treat your soul and senses. purify the home and place of worship, and create a tranquil energy.

Made with raw frankincense resin, lavender petals and essential oils.

Frankincense enhances spiritual perceptions and consciousness. It soothes the spirit by slowing and deepening breathing, making it useful in meditation and prayer.
It's traditional been burn in places of worship to repel negative energy.
Frankincense has a heavy balsamic scent.
element fire, planet sun.

Lavender highly effective for treating insomnia and stress. Lavender aid in balancing emotions and calms the mind and psyche. Sweet and floral scent
Element air, planet mercury

Charcoal & raw incense burning intrusions
Select a fire-safe dish to use as a censor( ceramic, stone or solid metal are ideal, seashells are possible if you put some sand under the charcoal). Put your censor on a dish or safe place where it won't scorch the surface.

If you are burning incense on an altar, burn the censor in the east quadrant to represent the element air.

To light charcoal, hold in one hand and light with other hand, then place charcoal on censor. Most Charcoal will spark and smoke as it lights. Place your incense on the hot coal. Only small amount at a time and replenish as necessary.

Do not leave coal burning unattended.

Length of time the coal burn depends on size large= 2 hours medium =1 hour.
use for relaxation, and serenity.
The smoke has antiseptic and disinfectant qualities. burning paradise every day in the house brings good health. You can inhale the smoke for a calming effect.

Frankincense Resin, lavender petals,lavender essential blend with sweet aroma essential oils.

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