about us

encouraging "(W)holistic levity" at an affordable price.

we uses Mother nature best ingredients to make wholesome and nourishing products with the intend to produce and market products of high integrity in the health, beauty and wellness sectors.

Sion Pledge

WE Pledge to return to nature and bring back ways of Our Ancients Ancestor. our goal is to encourage ital and or organic living by producing the best
herbal-based product that is sustainable for the environment and directly enhances the quality of everyday daily life.

how it all started?

Well first we started making shea butter for our own personal use, then we started making our own soap to bath, then we started making soap to give as gifts to our love ones, later we decided lets do it!! lets start a real organic market, lets make and produce produce the is non toxic and chemical free with elements so pure that people can feel the power of the earth through it when they use it. -This is birth of Sion.

 price for organic product

we know how expensive organic living life style can be. Just Cause organic skincare products come at a high price. Partially the reason for this is the cost of the USDA Organic certification. Each product has to be certified individually and this can cost the company thousands of dollars. In the end, the cost reflects down to the consumer who ends up carrying the load. 

However  we at HOUSE of Sion have seriously consider your budget, at a reasonable cost you get to nurture your mind, body, spirit and soul when using our products without breaking your bank account; at the most affordable price. 

Our ingredients say it all.

All of our products are 100% all natural and animal cruelty free.

We have never and will never test on animals.
We use the best ingredients so you can have the best experience.

our ingredients come straight from the earth and the combinations are the most unique formulas. this is why  

Let's get back to the use of plants, herbs and Mother Nature to heal not only our body but raise our awareness to our innate ability to heal ourselves and each other.

Returning to yourself, you've found nature, finding nature you meet God.-Out of Sion