about us

     For Tomah and husband Igeoma holistic living has produce for them a blissful world. They met at a photo shoot, she was the model and he the photographer, they fell in love and the rest of the story is being written together. They started out of sion INC in 2015 with the intention to promote while exploring the immense beauty of mother nature and the brilliance of the SUPREME creator Father(GOD).

"Returning to yourself, you've found nature, finding nature you meet God''. -OM Tomah   

*Sion Passage
We over stand the necessity to know that the food we put in our temple is a gift from Mother Earth. What we put on our skin is food. What we see with our eyes is food.
We realize Our skin absorbs the vast amount of the products we apply to it and some things we don't apply to it. Using these products on a daily basis like lotion, oil, body wash, toothpaste and hand soap all are absorbed by our skin and builds up in our system daily.
As does our subconscious too absorb the images sights, smells and sounds observed by the eyes ears and other senses. When you use synthetic laboratory born products, when you expose your eyes to false light watching television listening to music.....know those unnatural ingredients  and elements being introduced to your body and subconscious are changing you.

* Sion Pledge
We at House of Sion vow to create the best products made with the best ingredients and materials.

We started making these products for ourselves and it just grew into us sharing things we do for ourselves with you.

Do you have a hard time finding all natural and organic skincare products?
Why does all natural come with so much extra?

All of our products are 100% all natural and animal cruelty free. We have never and will never test on animals.
We use the best ingredients so you can have the best experience.

You can nurture you mind body and soul when using our products the ingredients come straight from the earth and the combinations are the most unique formulas. Let's get back to the use of plants, herbs and Mother Nature to heal not only our body but raise our awareness to our innate ability to heal ourselves and each other.

Our ingredients say it all. We use certified pure therapeutic grade doTERRA essential oils and the purest carrier oils from all over the world.

Why not USDA Organic?

Just Cause organic skincare products come at a high price. Partially the reason for this is the cost of the USDA Organic certification. Each product has to be certified individually and this can cost the company thousands of dollars. In the end, the cost reflects down to the consumer who ends up carrying the load. 

At House of Sion we rather create a quality product at a reasonably price and we believe in making all natural and organic products available to everyone in the world.

We live in the USA New York City, where life seems to be quite stressful at times for its citizens. Our choice to return to nature; we ground ourselves, by allowing HER to bring us back to the Natural ways of life.
This is the birth of Out of Sion. Out of Sion the call came (from God) we found the way.