Clear Quartz Yoni Soap


**This product is made for order** ONLY

our yoni soap purpose is to encourage feminine ritual bath 🛀

Clear quartz Known as “the master healer” this stone is said to amplify and cleanse ones aura.
Clear quartz is the overall balancer stone and works with all chakras.

Other aspects of this stone and it's magical power depends on your own self discovery.

HOUSE OF SION ™ Clear Quartz Yoni Soap Honors the Goddess MaMI WATA aka YAMAYAH (water goddess of West AFRIKA)
Goddess MaMI WATA is associated with the healing part of each ones spiritual journey; providing them with guidance and clarity.

"Healing is timeless with a little patient.

I Salute you Goddess 🙏🏿

**  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.**